August 26, 2015

Ginger Plum Chia Jam

Ginger Plum Chia Jam - The Sunday Table (5 of 5)

I often feel uninspired but with this sensation of so much left to be desired. It most often happens when too many options overwhelm my senses, dulling my mind and body with inactivity. I find myself frozen unable to make a decision.

It’s blinding the fear we allow to cloud our lives. The fear that creeps its way into our core causing us to see only the could ofs, should ofs, and what ifs. Leaving us certain that regardless of the choice we make, it could have somehow turned out better had we chosen differently. It’s maddening the endless options that we drown ourselves in. It actually makes us unhappy to have more options. Yet we somehow believe it is a symbol of a better life, of the freedom we’re so blessed to have. So we go on pleased with our gift of options while overcome by the fear of making the wrong decision. What if we released ourselves from that fear? Listened to our guts (they have real power), our hearts and inner voices that always lead us down our truest path. By doing so we simplify our lives, making the honest choice, leading instead from a place of love and faith.

I have to remind myself of this nearly every day. On good days I succeed and reflect on the pleasantries of life. On bad days I find I’ve spent so much time looking at and researching my options that I’ve failed to make any decisions or do anything at all. On those days I reflect on all that I didn’t do with distaste. And what’s the point in that? Looking at the world around you through a lens of what is lacking leads nowhere positive. So here’s to more days of leaping with faith and doing! Letting go of painstakingly agonizing over my options and remaining stagnant. After all, you are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.

Ginger Plum Chia Jam - The Sunday Table (1 of 5)

Recipe is lightly adapted from the Magical Blueberry Vanilla Chia Seed Jam by Oh She Glows

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May 13, 2015

Gluten-Free Blackberry Buckwheat & Oat Scones

Gluten Free Blackberry Buckwheat & Oat Scones - The Sunday Table (5 of 6)

“Would you say you’re a curious person?” he asked me. No, not naturally. I love to learn sure but genuinely curious, no. Despite that, I’ve been asking more questions. In an effort to unearth my deepest truth. In an effort to continue to push, to dig, to discover who I really am. When who I believe myself to be, who I used to be, who I hope to be are not only, not one and the same but so entirely far from it. Brought to tears by an answer to this question this week, my reality shifted. How long has there been a disconnect between the me that I know and the me that is reflected into the world for everyone to see? How many steps will I have to retrace to get back to the version of myself I’m proud of? How many equally weighty and important questions have I left unasked? I’m not certain but I’m certainly curious.

Gluten Free Blackberry Buckwheat & Oat Scones - The Sunday Table (2 of 6)

This recipe is lightly adapted from Seven Spoons: My Favorite Recipes for Any and Every Day by Tara O’Brady of the blog Seven Spoons. Tara has long been an inspiration for me, her blog being one of the very first I ever came across. I remember many years ago going back and forth with Tara on adapting one of her savory pie crusts to a gluten and dairy free recipe in the early days of my experimentation. Her sheer kindness and enthusiasm have always stood out to me. I return time and again to her site, not only for her incredible recipes, but for her very thoughtful and beautifully written words. I highly recommend checking out her gorgeous new cookbook.

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